Anti Trump T Shirts & Anti GOP T-Shirts

We've got some badass anti Trump t shirts (if we do say so ourselves), with many more to come, including anti GOP designs.

This section is all about, Donald J Trump, the "chaos president" (as per primary rival and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush), who is everything his critics expected -- and more. And worse. Meanwhile, "his" party, the pathetic, retrograde and reprobate GOP, the "Party of Lincoln" (who would be appalled) -- which was once composed of at least a few rational adults -- does nothing as POTUS burns down American tradition, history, reputation, prestige, the White House, D.C., and possibly the entire nation.

Note: The above is part of the anti-Trump screed posted on the AAATEE blog. Click the link to read it in it's entirety.

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