Zombies & Walkin Dead

Zombie tees for everyone! We all love to hate the creatures of the night, and we all fear the Walkin' Dead, even if we secretly "love them," too. Whether you're an avid computer gamer, TV watcher or zombie fiction fan, this "love hate" relationship with the undead is easy to understand. After all, we all loved to be frightened from the comfort of home as children, and the thrill of fear is the same whether you're actually facing certain death or living vicariously through Rick Grimes or Alice (Resident Evil). It's just that the latter is much safer, as a rule. We don't recommend the former. That said, we DO unhesitatingly recommend our line of badass zombie t shirts. In a world of crappy, half-assed graphic design, these shirts show the kind of love only a highly talented fellow traveller could have, and they display our  artist's great talents to the limit. Now you can fight zombies in style, or make sure the zombie killers you know do too!
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